Antipodean blues

Over the past few months I have repeatedly caught myself daydreaming about moving back to Europe. It’s not just the proximity to great beer cultures, it’s more the lifestyle we lived there. It’s unrealistic for me to have continued my early retirement forever. From a funding perspective, well, that just wouldn’t work.

But its not the working part that I’m finding difficult getting back used to. Instead, its the not working solely on my passion.

While in Spain, I was able to devote all of my working thoughts and moments towards the message I wanted to send with my beer. Everything from its composition to its presentation occupied my thoughts and time. It wasn’t that the work was easier to do because I am passionate about it (it wasn’t); rather, it was because I felt like what I was working on would have an impact. I don’t know how that sounds. Maybe a little cliche, possibly a bit wanky, most likely it’s absurd… we are talking about beer here. (oh, and not to mention the fact that my current job is pretty much dream job material, thanks Batch!)

But this just means that things aren’t moving as rapidly or as dynamically as I felt they were before. So, posts are less frequent… I’m sorry about that. Also, my timeline is changing. Many of the things that I am working through (sorry to be mystic) take longer than I expected. It’s a combination of being the nature of the beast as well as having to split my time. I’m not embarrassed about this. I’m glad I am keeping the blog and sharing these experiences, delays and thoughts as they arise. Others may deal with things differently, but it helps keep my eyes open and it feels honest.

So, here is what is happening..

-Test brews: I racked a 30% raw wheat saison into wine barrels last weekend. This beer is a follow up on my last test brew which I wasn’t totally happy with. When I finally get to taste some of this properly, I will write a full post. The main goal of this one was volume. I needed to fill the barrels I was receiving so I needed a lot. Again, more on that later.

-Connections: I’ve been really lucky recently to meet a whole bunch of new people who are helping me gain insights into this project. Meeting these other artisans is totally inspiring and is keeping my energy levels high. I might try to put some of these conversations on the blog.

-Yeast wrangling: I’ve been collecting all kinds of things and fermenting them in wort. It’s been really fun and rarely leave the house without a sample tube to store things that catch my eye. These are all tests and mainly helping me gain more experience working with wild yeast. It’s been really fun being a little more in-tune with the nature directly around me, so recommended!

-GABS: I’m on the flight right now back from Melbourne after attending the Great Australian Beer Spectacular. It was great fun, but far better was meeting a handful of people who read the blog. Always enjoyable putting faces with names!

-Locations: We have not settled on a location. I am often down of the South Coast over the weekends still working on this. The main hurdle in this category is council permissions. This was totally expected but we have been finding that our case could be intricate. I hope to have more to say in the coming months.

-Inspiration: I have to say lastly that being back in Australia for good few months now has totally confirmed my desire to work with this land. I have been lucky to visit a few new places as well and see it through other’s eyes. We live in a terribly beautiful country with layers of rich culture and sometimes wild nature. It is abundant, I can’t wait to explore this more.

Well that’s all I can think of for now. I’ve been pretty active on twitter recently posting random little thoughts or movements. Thats usually a pretty good gauge of what I’m up to. When I get a good sample of the barreled saison in a fortnight, I’ll post the full writeup.


2 thoughts on “Antipodean blues

  1. annboehm57 May 23, 2016 / 1:56 am

    1. places diametrically opposite each other on the globe.
    2. those who dwell there.
    3. The Antipodeans were a group of Australian modern artists who asserted the importance of figurative art, and protested against abstract expressionism. They staged a single exhibition in Melbourne during August 1959.

    I’m thirsty. When will the beer in wine barrels be ready to be consumed?


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